Pictures 17-1 and 17-2.

Group pictures of all the carmen (motormen and conductors) were popular in many streetcar companies.  Here is a pair of such photos taken in 1911 in the open doorway of the car barn, with some of the streetcars and interurban cars in the background.  Lists of the names of the men in the picture have been preserved.  They are given here as they appear on the photos.

Top photo:
TOP ROW M. Henry, C. Boaz, J. Bingham, W. Nesbit, H. Crain, W. Hilton, E. Lee, B. Graham, Joe Brooks, E. Rhodes, W. Cronkhite, N. Potter, N. Ledister, G. Hollycross, and I. Henry
TWO IN ROW O. Hall and E. Bales
MIDDLE ROW E. Horner, D. Lunger, W. McMinn, H. Stickrod, C. Craig, B. Hite, J. Snider, N. Blaisdell, G. Rieff, D. Landon, J. Jackson, R. Martin, and T. Foote
SITTING L. Bigley, C. Dean, A. Bennett, C. McKinney, D. Moore, H. Moss, D. Porter, B. Essex, C. Easton, J. Esterbrook, and G. Burns


Bottom photo:
TOP ROW H. Blackburn, C. Swank, A. Dunn, L. Mahorney, ?, A. Barnhart, V. Johnson, E. Rickey, H. Hall, A. Hall, C. Ridge, W. McMinn, J. Everetts, J. Brooks, B. Roush, and W. Niccoson
MIDDLE ROW C. Diggs, G. Smith, O. Graham, A. McCalla, E. Montgomery, E. Furgerson, R. Allen, M. Norris, J. Cunniongham, J. Terrel, O. Bennett, and E. Phellps
BOTTOM ROW P. Fugate, E. Randall, C. Hayes, J. VanAntwerp, J. Hampton, E. Montgomery, A. Hunsaker, E. Horner, S. Huffman, J. Gritton, J. Davis, W. Rhamstorf, C. Bardolo, E. Lee, and C. Anderson


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