Pictures 17-4 and 17-5.

These two photos show the day men (above) and night men (below) in 1915.  The day men are shown with an ITS main line interurban car in the background. Most of the names are known:

Upper photo (day men):
Sitting: James Easterbrook, Arthur Bennett, Joseph Brooks, Roy Despain, Jewell Gritton, unknown, Lewis Bigley, Martin Henry, James Despain
Second Row: Jess Smalley, unknown, Charles Boaz, George Reiff, unknown, Charles Dean, Rolla Martin, James Lynch, Claude Cunningham, William Bentley, William Nesbit, Joseph Salabey, Henry Stickrod, Mike Connor Supt.
Third Row: unknown, George Burns, Herb Sims, Charles Easton, Nathan Potter, John Coffman, William Hubbard, Cliff Wolcott, Byron Hite, Charles Craig, James Jackson, Theo Foote


Lower photo (night men):
Seated: David Hance, Kimsey, William O'Toole, Jess Smalley Ass't Supt,
John Lowe, Joseph Goodner, Dee Norman, unknown
Second Row: George Schwartz, L. K. Madden, Joseph Brooks, Charles Cramer, John Blaisdell, Thomas Potter
Third Row: James Lynch, Ed Clifton, Roy Russel, Claude Cunningham, Charles Anderson
Fourth Row: Robert Jackson, Roy Boterhoff, Henry Priebe, John Dorn, George Angleton, Cecil Walters, John Coffman, James Keer
Notice the shopman sitting on the roof of the interurban car at our left.


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