Pictures 16, 17, and 18.

Three views looking across Lincoln Square toward the southwest and the St. Nicholas Hotel.  In the foreground of the top card, postmarked 1909, city car 43, probably a Brill or American Car Co. product less than ten years old at this time, rounds the turn from N. Main to E. Main.  In the background, another city car rounds the southern part of the square, probably on its way from W. Main to E. Main.  In the middle picture, taken around 1905, an ITS car, probably just in from Springfield, is moving from W. Main toward the interurban depot.  It will probably go around the south half of the Transfer House, and exit to E. Main.  In the bottom view, old wooden car 8 leads steel car 704 and another car from N. Main to E. Main, while an open car heads toward the W. Main Street line. Moore & Gibson (middle)




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