LeMarchand Gannon Orchard

This genealogy started with a family story . These of course are notoriously unreliable.  I set out to verify all details and to extend the lines, mostly through research on ancestry.com.  Some early details have proven to be difficult to pin down: for example, different secondary and tertiary sources name Lucy Walker's Irish first husband as Patrick Gannon or as John Gannon, and assign her birth to several different Irish counties.

The story that started my interest in this family was told me by my mother, Mary Virginia Smith Friedman, about the family of her maternal grandmother Mary LeMarchand Linton (1c.1 below).  Mary's mother was a widowed Irish lady, trying to operate a farm in Mississippi by herself.  One day, a Frenchman drove up in a wagon with his children.  He was a widower, looking for work as a farmhand.  He was hired, stayed on, and ended up marrying the Irish widow.  My mother did not know the names of the Irish widow or the French widower, except that the Frenchman must have been named LeMarchand, and that there were relatives named Gannon and Orchard.  While I cannot verify or contradict the romantic nature of the story, the people did turn out to be real, as enumerated below.

H. George Friedman, Jr.

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1.   John (Jean) LeMARCHAND, b. c. 1801 in France, d. before 1880; m. (1) est. 1840 Jane (Jeanne) NIOLET, b. c. 1810 in France, d. est. 1854; m. (2) 1/20/1855 in Hancock County, MS, her 2nd m., Lucy WALKER, b. c. 1815 in County Galway, Ireland, d. 9/16/1887 in Bay St. Louis, Hancock County, MS.  Lucy m. (1) c. 1840 in Ireland John or Patrick GANNON, b. before 1830 in County Kildare, Ireland, d. before 1855; she m. (3) 1/11/1859, his 2nd m., Cary ATTAWAY, b. c. 1821 in SC, d. in Bay St Louis.  Cary's 1st wife possibly Rachel THOMAS.  Patrick and Lucy migrated from Ireland to the United States after about 1848 (their son James Walker was b. c. 1848 in Ireland).

1a. Child of John and Jane:

     1.   John Louis LeMARCHAND, Sr., b. 12/27/1841 in Bay St. Louis, d. 5/16/1884 in New Orleans; m. est. 1861 Julia Christine KATZENBERGER, b. 3/22/1846 in New Orleans, d. 5/14/1914 in New Orleans.

     .    1.   John Louis LeMARCHAND, Jr., b. 11/3/1862 in New Orleans, d. 10/22/1925 in New Orleans; m. 11/8/1882 in New Orleans Marceline CLUSEAU, b. 1/1864 in New Orleans, d. 3/2/1914 in New Orleans.

     .    .    1.   Julia LeMARCHAND, b. 5/24/1885 in New Orleans, b. 8/25/1885 in New Orleans.

     .    .    2.   John Louis LeMARCHAND (III), b. 7/8/1886 in New Orleans, d. 9/25/1886 in New Orleans.

     .    2.   Louis Philippe LeMARCHAND, b. 5/4/1864 in New Orleans, d. 12/16/1920 in New Orleans; m. 9/28/1892 in New Orleans Martha Amelia ALLEN, b. 2/1866 in LA, d. 4/22/1941 in New Orleans.

     .    .    1.   (Infant) LeMARCHAND, b. 3/1894, d. 3/241894, bur. in New Orleans.

     .    .    2.   Mary Lillian LeMARCHAND, b. 8/22/1896 in New Orleans, d. 6/19/1977 in New Orleans; never married.

     .    3.   Mary Jane LeMARCHAND, b. 1/25/1867 in New Orleans, d. 2/19/1938 in Mobile, AL; m. 1893 in New Orleans Charles Theodore ADOLPH, b. 12/14/1870 in New Orleans, d. 6/25/1954 in AL.

     .    .    1.   Julius Harry Charles ADOLPH, b. 1/29/1893 in New Orleans, d. 4/5/1893 in New Orleans.

     .    .    2.   Charles Theodore ADOLPH, Jr., b. 7/20/1894 in New Orleans, d. 5/20/1895 in New Orleans.

     .    .    3.   Mary Loretta ADOLPH, b. 6/10/1896 in New Orleans, d. 7/1977 in Mobile, AL; m. 3/30/1921 in Mobile Warren Charles PALTRON, b. 4/25/1898 in New Orleans, d. 2/2/1960 in Mobile.

     .    .    4.   Myrtle Louise ADOLPH, b. 6/20/1899 in New Orleans, d. 6/14/1986 in Mobile; m. 11/24/1920 in Mobile, his 1st m., Wilmer Robert "Bill" STEBER, b. 1/22/1895 in Mobile, d. 12/1/1948 in Mobile. Wilmer m. (2) 3/23/1943 in Jefferson County, AL Anna Rosa "Ann" KNODEL, b. c. 1919 in WI, d. c. 1973 probably in Birmingham, Jefferson County, AL.  (Myrtle's name appears as Martha in the 1900 census.)

     .    .    5.   William Emile ADOLPH, b. 3/4/1901 in New Orleans, d. 2/4/1981 in Mobile; m. 12/2/1922 in Mobile Ella Mae MALONEY, b. 4/17/1902 in AL, d. 9/1983 in Mobile.

     .    4.   Emile Oscar LeMARCHAND, b. 12/27/1868 in New Orleans, d. 5/10/1908 in New Orleans; never married.

     .    5.   Victor LeMARCHAND, b. 1/6/1871 in New Orleans, d. 3/12/1935 in New Orleans; m. 11/19/1891 in New Orleans Bertha SOMERHALDER, b. 10/1873 in Germany, d. 10/20/1907 in New Orleans.

     .    .    1.   Bertha Victorine LeMARCHAND, b. 2/14/1892 in New Orleans, d. 7/28/1975 in New Orleans; m. 11/16/1908 in New Orleans Henry Archy ENGERT, b. 4/6/1882 in New Orleans, d. 7/15/1969 inn New Orleans.

     .    .    2.   Amelia Mary LeMARCHAND, b. 3/4/1895 in New Orleans, d. 9/5/1966 in New Orleans; m. 4/12/1915 in New Orleans Anthony Edward LABARRE, Sr., b. 4/26/1894 in New Orleans, d. 9/18/1973 in Metairie, LA.

     .    .    3.   The 1900 census records a son named Emile, b. c. 1895, which would make him a twin of Amelia.  But Amelia is not named in that census, nor is Emile found in any other record.  It appears that the 1900 census recorded Amelia as a boy named Emile.

     .    6.   Wilhelmina (Williamine) LeMARCHAND, b. 11/4/1872 in New Orleans, d. 11/6/1944 in Mobile, AL; m. 1/18/1898 in New Orleans Joseph OLIKE, b. 11/30/1872 in New Orleans, d. 12/1/1936 in New Orleans; no children.

     .    7.   Adolphe John LeMARCHAND, b. 1/26/1875 in New Orleans, d. 7/17/1958 in New Orleans; m. 2/18/1893 in New Orleans Emma WROCKLAGE, b. 2/1875 in LA., d. 10/5/1955 in New Orleans.

     .    .    1.   Emma Julia Frederica "Frieda" LeMARCHAND, b. 12/4/1893 in New Orleans, d. 7/1972 in New Orleans; m. 6/19/1912 in New Orleans Elmer August FARLEY, b. 11/17/1888 in New Orleans, d. 3/17/1958 in New Orleans.  See next entry.

     .    .    2.   Julia Frieda Emma LeMARCHAND, b. 7/23/1897 in New Orleans, d. 12/1974 in New Orleans; m. 6/26/1918 in New Orleans Henry Anthony DIEBOLD, b. 12/10/1897 in New Orleans, d. 5/1965 in New Orleans.  The similarity of the names of the two sisters, usually known as Frieda (#1) and Julia (#2), makes research difficult.  Proper identification of them in a record requires additional clues, such as a birth date.

     .    .    3.   John Wrockledge Adolphe LeMARCHAND, b. 1/3/1902 in New Orleans, d. 10/4/1979; m. 7/1924 in New Orleans Anita Margaret CARLSON, b. 4/14/1902 in New Orleans, d. 9/13/1961 in St. Tammany Parish, LA.

     .    8.   Theresa Odilia "Mooch" LeMARCHAND, b. 6/30/1877 in New Orleans, d. 5/6/1925 in Lynwood, CA; m. 4/18/1901 in New Orleans Frederick Adolph ENGEL, b. 8/12/1876 in New Orleans, d. 9/14/1967 in Irving,TX.

     .    .    1.   Adolph ENGEL, Sr., b. 8/1/1901 in New Orleans, d. 1/16/1981 in Irving, TX; m. 8/14/1928 in Los Angeles, CA Eula Alvita RAMSEY, b. 12/26/1909 in KS, d. 1/16/1990 in Irving.

     .    .    2.   Frederick William "Fred" ENGEL, b. 11/15/1902 in New Orleans, d. 12/16/1983 in Woodland Hills, CA; m. 1/30/1930 in Huntington Park, CA Mayron WILLIAMS, b. 7/13/1911 in Fayetteville, AR, d. 2/14/1994 in Porterville, CA.

     .    .    3.   Earl Jacob "Jimmy" ENGEL, b. 7/10/1909 in New Orleans, d. 2/24/1999 in Mandeville, LA; m. 6/1936 in New Orleans Adrienne Catherine SUTTON, b. 11/15/1918 in LA, d. 3/2/2009 in Mandeville.

     .    9.   Henry LeMARCHAND, b. 11/5/1879 in New Orleans, d. 3/13/1935 in New Orleans; m. 7/1914 in New Orleans, her 2nd m., Augusta MADER, b. 5/1877 in LA, d. 2/13/1953 in New Orleans.  She m. (1) 9/24/1896 in New Orleans Louis J. WURTZLER, b. 2/23/1872 in New Orleans, d. 6/20/1908 in New Orleans.  No children of either marriage.

     .    10. Lucien Vance LeMARCHAND, b. 2/25/1883 in New Orleans, d. 6/161940 in Pensacola, Escambia County, FL; m. 8/19/1903 in New Orleans Annie Bertha DEMUTH, b. 12/9/1882 in New Orleans, d. 12/22/1972 in Escambia County.

     .    .    1.   Hazel Louise LeMARCHAND, b. 7/17/1904 in New Orleans, d. 7/4/1973 in Pensacola; m. 1/7/1929 in Escambia County George E. MARCHETTI, Sr., b. 2/27/1897 in FL, d. 9/21/1985 in Gulfport, MS, bur. in Pensacola.

     .    .    2.   Lucien Joseph LeMARCHAND, Jr., b. 2/3/1907 in New Orleans, d. 8/30/1985 in Pensacola; m. 9/11/1928 in FL Allie Mae ARMSTRONG, b. 11/281913 in Andalusia, AL, d. 4/12/2000 in Crestview, FL.

     .    .    3.   Irma Edwina LeMARCHAND, b. 7/2/1912 in New Orleans, d. 8/3/1986 in Pensacola; m. 1/1/1938 in Santa Rosa, FL William Kennedy FERGUSON, b. 1/18/1901 in Mobile, d. 9/27/1968 in Pensacola.

1b. Children of Patrick and Lucy:

     1.   Catherine GANNON, b. c. 1840 in County Cork, Ireland, d. 6/10/1879 in New Orleans; m. 6/28/1859 in Hancock County, MS Henry Louis THILLBORGER (THIELBORGER), b. 2/1835 in Elichausen, Hanover, Germany, d. 10/30/1923 in New Orleans.  He emigrated to New Orleans, ar. 11/24/1845.

     .    1.   Edward James THILLBORGER, b. 3/1/1860 in New Orleans, d. 10/1939 in New Orleans; m. 4/3/1890 in New Orleans Augusta Home JAMES, b. 2/1862 in Scotland, d. 4/16/1901 in New Orleans.

     .    2.   Lilly Lucy THILLBORGER, b. 12/1861 in MS, d. 1952 in New Orleans; m. 7/18/1900 in New Orleans Frank Sanders KENDIG, b. 11/18/1856 in LA, d. 3/18/1905 in New Orleans.

     .    3.   Catherine THILLBORGER, b. 8/10/1865 in New Orleans, d. before 1899 in New Orleans; m. c. 1883 in New Orleans, his 2nd m., James D. OAKES, b. c. 1834 in Cavan, Ireland, d. /1896 in New Orleans.  He m. (1) c. 1855 in New Orleans Theresa HARNEY, b. c. 1839 in Ireland, d. 8/31/1881 in New Orleans.
5 children of James and Theresa.
1 child of James and Catherine.

     .    4.   Louisa Fontunata THILLBORGER, b. 4/1868 in New Orleans, d. 3/8/1962 in New Orleans; never married.

     .    5.   Henry John THILLBORGER, b. c. 1870 in New Orleans, d. 12/24/1882 in New Orleans.

     .    6.   Frederick THILLBORGER, b. c. 1872 in New Orleans, d. 9/21/1878 in New Orleans.

     .    7.   William Joseph THILLBORGER, Sr., b. 11/1/1874 in New Orleans, d. 3/11/1947 in New Orleans; m. 9/21/1901 in New Orleans Henrietta Fredericka WOOLEY, b. 8/15/1879 in New Orleans, d. 3/11/1953 in New Orleans.

     .    8.   Laura Jean THILLBORGER, b. 10/28/1876 in New Orleans, d. 4/18/1947 in New Orleans; m. 10/30/1902 in New Orleans Michael Aloysius OAKES, b. 1/1871 in New Orleans, d. 12/31/1943 in New Orleans.

     .    8.   Aloysius THILLBORGER, b. 6/7/1879 in New Orleans, d. 6/20/1879 age 13 days in New Orleans.

     .    10. Alice Mary THILLBORGER, b. 6/7/1879 in New Orleans, d. 11/7/1956 in New Orleans; m. 10/20/1920 in New Orleans Albert DOMINIQUE, b. c. 1876 in LA, d. 3/14/1941 in New Orleans; no children.

     2.   Lucy GANNON, b. 1/1847 in Ireland, d. 6/6/1909 in New Orleans; m. James ORCHARD, b. in England est. 1840, d. 9/1/1869.

     .    1.   Lucy M. ORCHARD, b. 1/1862 in LA, d. 1/29/1923 in New Orleans; m. John LANKSTON (LANGSTON), b. 7/1858 in IN, d. 4/19/1933 in New Orleans.

     .    .    1.   John Orchard LANKSTON, b. 11/25/1891 in New Orleans, d. 5/1969 in New Orleans; m. 7/27/1917 in New Orleans Doris Alma LADAGE, b. 1/25/1896 in New Orleans, d. 7/14/1976 in New Orleans.
2 daughters.

     .    .    2.   Edwin Paul LANKSTON, b. 8/25/1893 in New Orleans, d. 4/3/1968 in Metairie, LA.
6 children.

     .    .    3.   Joseph Mortimer LANKSTON, b. 8/71895 in LA, d. 3/22/1950 in New Orleans; m. Nellie ______, b. 7/14/1895 in MS, d. 2/21/1987 in Lake Worth, FL.
No children.

     .    .    4.   Mary Belle LANKSTON, b. 9/17/1906 in New Orleans, d. 9/17/1949 in New Orleans; m. Edward Anthony SCHOEN, Sr., b. 2/6/1903 in New Orleans, d. 1/71946 in New Orleans.
4 chldren.

     .    2.   Paul Joseph ORCHARD, Sr., b. 3/1864 in LA, d. before 1932 in New Orleans; m. 9/23/1889 in New Orleans Isabella "Belle" CARROLL, b. 7/1866 in LA, d. 11/1941 in New Orleans.

     .    .    1.   Paul Joseph ORCHARD, Jr., b. 10/9/1890 in New Orleans, d. 12/1/1942 in Baton Rouge; m. 6/21/1916 in New Orleans Ida MAULEDOUS, b. 1/12/1890 in New Orleans, d. 7/21/1950 in New Orleans.  He was a veterinarian in Baton Rouge.
3 children.

     .    .    2.   Isabella Carroll ORCHARD, b. 2/29/1892 in New Orleans; m. 12/21/1920 in New Orleans Nestor Benedict COFFEY, b. 7/22/1893 in New Orleans, d. 4/22/1957 in New Orleans.
1 daughter.

     .    .    3.   Lucille "Lucy" Elizabeth ORCHARD, b. 1/9/1895 in New Orleans, d. 8/1986 in Metairie; never married.  She was a school teacher.

     .    .    4.   William Cantzon ORCHARD, b. 10/3/1896 in New Orleans, d. 11/9/1954 in New Orleans; never married.  He was a lawyer.

     .    .    5.   Mary Alice ORCHARD, b. 9/18/1898 in New Orleans, d. 11/1986 in Metairie; never married.

     .    3.   Elizabeth Agnes "Lizzie" ORCHARD, b. 3/1867 in LA, d. 5/1943 in New Orleans; m. 2/7/1910 in New Orleans Frank Joseph LADNER, b. c. 1856 in MS, d. 4/18/1922 in New Orleans; no children.

     3.   Mary Elizabeth GANNON, b. 1/19/1847 in County Kildare, Ireland, d. 7/28/1909 in San Rafael, Marin County, CA; m. 11/20/1868 in San Rafael Edward EDEN, Sr., b. 6/5/1837 in Rotterdam, Netherlands, migrated to USA in 1850, d. 11/22/1909 in San Rafael.

     .    1.   Edward Patrick EDEN, b. 9/20/1869 in San Rafael, d. 6/6/1871 in San Rafael.

     .    2.   Stephen EDEN, b. 12/6/1871 in San Rafael, d. 8/7/1939 in San Rafael; m. est. 1901 Emelia Augusta BOYEN, b. 4/10/1877 in CA, d. 1/22/1955 in Marin County.

     .    3.   Mary Elizabeth EDEN, b. 12/18/1873 in San Rafael, d. 2/26/1937 in San Rafael; never married.

     .    4.   William James EDEN, b. 10/22/1875 in San Rafael, d. 10/17/1925 in Alameda, CA; m. 6/8/1907 Maria Elizabeth MURRAY, her 1st m., b. 7/6/1876 in San Rafael, d. 4/27/1962 in Alameda.  She m. (2) in the 1930s William J. McCUE, b. 5/7/1872 in Ireland, d. 1/11/1948 in Alameda.
2 daughters of William Eden and Elizabeth.
No children of William McCue and Elizabeth.

     .    5.   Josephine EDEN, b. 5/12/1878 in San Rafael, d. 11/6/1878 in San Rafael.

     .    6.   Christina Agnes EDEN, b. 5/12/1878 in San Rafael, d. 11/6/1878 in San Rafael.

     .    7.   Gertrude EDEN, b. 9/28/1879 in San Rafael, d. 1/8/1935 in San Rafael; m. est. 1902 Henry J. DAY, b. 1865 in CA, d. 9/22/1918 in Marin County.  In 1910, they were living in Honolulu, HI.

     .    8.   Edward J. EDEN, Jr., b. 8/29/1881 in San Rafael, d. 6/4/1925 in Los Angeles County.  The 1910 census reports him in jail in Marin County.  He fought in WW I.  No marriage known.

     .    9.   James EDEN, b. 1/8/1884 in San Rafael, d. 3/25/1886 in San Rafael.

     .    10. Jacob EDEN, b. 1/8/1884 in San Rafael, d. 3/12/1886 in San Rafael.  It is unclear whether James and Jacob were the same person or were twins.

     4.   James Walker GANNON, b. c. 1848 in County Galway, Ireland, d. 5/27/1914 in New Orleans; m. 10/1/1877 in Bay St. Louis Mary Jeanne Henriette LUXICH, b. 2/19/1857 in Bay St. Louis, d. 8/31/1938 in New Orleans.

     .    1.   Lucia Mary GANNON, b. 7/20/1878 in Bay St. Louis, d. 11/2/1878 in Bay St. Louis.

     .    2.   James August GANNON, b. 11/23/1879 in Bay St. Louis, d. 4/30/1961 in Shreveport; m. 7/14/1910 in Natchitoches, LA Margaret Abigail PIERSON, b. 12/8/1882 in Coushatta, LA, d. 12/23/1953 in Natchitoches.

     .    3.   Frank Carey GANNON, b. 11/18/1880 in Bay St. Louis, d. 4/23/1947 in New Orleans; m. 7/30/1903 in New Orleans, her 1st m., Louise Rosalie DOMINIQUE, b. 7/26/1881 in LA, d. 11/20/1972 in New Orleans.  She m. (2) est. 1920 Peter Martin FINNEGAN, b. 7/12/1888 in New Orleans, d. 11/16/1957.

     .    4.   John Henry GANNON, b. 3/3/1883 in Bay St. Louis, d. 2/23/1959 in Michigan City, IN, bur. in Niles, MI; m. 10/17/1918 in Tucson, AZ Margaret C. DAILEY, b. 3/30/1894 in Chicago, IL, d. 11/17/1954 in Niles.  He worked for various railroads around the USA.

     .    5.   Paul Walker GANNON, b. 8/20/1886, d. 6/8/1890 in New Orleans.

     .    6.   Mamie (Maude) Henrietta GANNON, b. 3/4/1889 in LA, d. 4/24/1970 in Coolspring, IN, bur. in New Orleans; m. 9/1926 in New Orleans Frederick Albert "Fred" ROHLI, b. 8/19/1892 in New Orleans, d. 1/26/1945 in New Orleans.

1c. Child of John and Lucy:

     1.   Mary Walker LeMARCHAND, b. 1/12/1857 in Waveland, MS, d. 1933 in St. Tammany Parish, LZ; m. Elijah Hugh LINTON (see Linton 1.6).

1d. Children of Cary and Rachel:

     1.   Mary ATTAWAY, b. c. 1852 in MS, possibly d. young.

     2.   Cora ATTAWAY, b. c. 1854 in Bay St. Louis, d. 6/15/1923 in Slidell, LA.

     3.   Lovinia ATTAWAY, b. c. 1856 in MS, possibly d. young.

     4.   William Henry ATTAWAY, Sr., b. 9/1858 in Bay St. Louis, d. 3/5/1929 in New Orleans.

1e. No known children of Cary and Lucy.

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