Much of this genealogy was compiled by my brother-in-law Bill McCue.

Information cannot be copyrighted.  A particular collection of information in a particular format can be.  This collection is copyright © 2001, 2014 by H. George Friedman, Jr. and William C. McCue.

1.   1. Jean TALON, b. 1620 in Haudeville, Beauvais, Normandy, France, d. 11/231694; m. c. 1640 Anne HARDIVILLE, b. 1625 in Haudeville (Hardeville).

     1.   Lucien TALON (père), native of the diocese of Beauvais, a carpenter, joined La Salle expedition of 1684 as a soldier, d. in Texas (lost in the woods) before 10/1685; m. 10/12/1671 in Québec Isabelle PLANTEAU, a fille du roi (dau. of Thomas PLANTEAU and Marguerite MARCHAND), of St. Méry Parish, Paris, France, d. in Texas 12/1688.

     .     1.   Marie-Elizabeth TALON, b. 9/10/1672 in Québec, d. in Texas probably 1686.

     .     2.   Marie-Madeleine TALON, b. 11/3/1673 in Québec; m. 1699 in France Pierre SIMON (père) of Paris.  When the Karankawa Indians murdered the La Salle expedition settlers in Dec. 1688, Marie-Madeleine, Lucien fils, and Robert were taken to live with the Indians.  After the Spanish under Alonso De Leon had rescued Pierre from the Hasinai Indians, they also rescued Marie-Madeleine, Lucien, and Robert from the Karankawas.  All four children were taken to Mexico to be servants in the house of Spanish Viceroy Gaspar de la Cerda Sandoval Silva y Mendoza, Conde de Galve.  When the viceroy and his wife retired early in 1696 and returned to Spain, Marie-Madeleine and Robert went with them.  Marie-Madeleine soon went to France, where she married in 1699.  Eventually, she returned to Canada.

     .     .     1.   Pierre SIMON (fils) dit Sanscrainte (Fearless), a soldier; m. 2/10/1719 in Charlesbourg, Canada Charlotte BOUVIER.

     .     .     .     1.   Pierre SIMON (III), b. 1/22/1722 in Québec.

     .     3.   Pierre TALON, b. 3/20/1676 in Québec, d. in France.  When La Salle left the Texas settlement in January 1687, Pierre was taken along.  He witnessed La Salle's murder, and was left to live with Hasinai (Tejas) Indians.  He was taken from the Hasinai in 1690 by Spanish under Alonso de Leon, and transported to Mexico with his siblings to be servants in the house of Spanish Viceroy Conde de Galve.  Before the viceroy left Mexico (in 1696), Pierre, Jean-Baptiste, and Lucien were enrolled as soldiers in the Armada de Barlovento in Veracruz, which was commanded by Andres de Pez y Malzarraga.  They took ship on the flagship Santo Cristo de Maracaibo, under Admiral Guillermo Morfi.  The French captured the Santo Cristo in the Caribbean Sea near Havana in 1697, and the brothers were taken to France.  In 1698, Lucien became a servant at Oléron; no more is known of him.  Pierre and Jean-Baptiste entered French naval service.  Eventually, they were interrogated for their stories, and joined the second expedition of Pierre le Moyne d'Iberville to Louisiana as soldiers under the command of Louis Juchereau de St. Denis.  They remained in the colony for two years, and then returned to France with Iberville in April 1702 to look for their sister Marie-Madeleine.  Two years later, they were in prison in Portugal, but the reason and the duration are not known.  No more is known directly of Jean-Baptiste.  In 1714, Pierre and Robert were in Texas with St. Denis, where they interpreted with the Indians.  Eventually they went to Mobile, and reported to governor Cadillac.  Pierre is said to have died in France, and Jean-Baptiste in Louisiana.  Robert settled in Mobile.

     .     4.   Jean-Baptiste TALON, b. 5/26/1679 in Québec.  He witnessed his mother's murder by the Karankawa Indians in Dec. 1688, and was taken to live with the tribe.  He was removed from the Indians by the Spanish in 1691 under Domingo Teran de los Rios, and taken to Mexico, where he joined his siblings as servants in the house of Spanish Viceroy Conde de Galve.  (See Pierre.)

     .     5.   Lucien TALON (fils), b. 8/24/1681 at Neuville.  (See Marie-Madeleine and Pierre.)

     .     6.   Robert TALON, b. 1684 at sea, named for his godfather, René Robert Cavelier, Sieur de la Salle, d. either 5/23/1745 or 8/8/1746 in Mobile; m. Jeanne PREAU (PROT, PRAUX) (dau. of Jean PREAU and Anne PREVOST, m. 1685).  (See Marie-Madeleine and Pierre.)

     .     .    1.   Jeanne TALON, b. 1/5/1719; m. Jean Phillippe LAPRAIRE (LAPRAIRIE).

     .     .    .    1.   Louis LAPRAIRE (LAPRAIRIE), b. 1732 in New Orleans, d. after 1799 in Rapides Parish, LA; m. 4/29/1766 in New Orleans Marie Jeanne CASTEL.
8 children.

     .     .    2.   Margueritte TALON, b. 10/3/1721; m. 11/22/1735 in Mobile Jean (Giovani) Baptiste Toussaint MONTANARI (MENTENARI, MONTENARY), a master cobbler, from Parma, Lombardy, Italy, son of Joseph MENTENARI of "Florensol" (possibly Florence, Italy, or Florensac in Languedoc) and Camilla ALBERTINE of Parma, Lombardy, Italy.

     .     .    .    1.   Jean Baptiste MONTENARI, b. 2/21/1738 in Mobile or New Orleans.

     .     .    .    2.   Genevieve Toussant MONTENARI (MONTENERY); m. Joseph CAILLIER (see Caillier 1.1).

     .     .    .    3.   Anne MONTENARI, b. 12/21/1744 in New Orleans; m. 9/16/1766 Pierre PORTAL dit Cavel.

     .     .    .    .    1.   Marie Anne PORTAL m. 5/24/1794 Santiago FREDERIC.

     .     .    .    .    2.   Nicholas PORTAL m. 2/9/1793 Eufrosina FREDERIC.
15 children.

     .     .    .    4.   Joseph MONTENARI, bt. 10/29/1746, a shoemaker, on the roll of the Militia of New Orleans in 1/1770.

     .     .    .    5.   François Clement MONTENARI, b. 8/31/1748, on the roll of the Militia of New Orleans in 2/1770.

     .     .    .    6.   Juli (Julienne) MONTENARI, bt. 4/20/1750.

     .     .    .    7.   Margarita MONTENARI m. 4/13/1779 Archibald WHITE (LeBLANC), a tailor in 1811.

     .     .    3.   Jean Baptiste TALON, bt. 2/1/1726.

     .     .    4.   Helene TALON, b. 9/9/1727, bur. 5/7/1736 in Mobile, AL.

     .     .    5.   Jeanne TALON, b. 4/6/1729, bur. 5/10/1736 in Mobile.

     .     .    6.   Anne Jeanne TALON, b. 2/27/1732, bur. 5/13/1736 in Mobile.

     .     .    7.   Antoine TALON, b. 3/20/1734, bur. 4/14/1736 in Mobile.

     .     .    8.   Marie Jeanne TALON, b. 10/1/1736.

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