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The first streetcar to return to New Orleans was Perley Thomas car 919, which happened to arrive on September 19 (9/19), 1985.  It had been at the Texas State Fairgrounds since 1964.  It was delivered on a flatbed truck to the end of the St. Charles Line at Carrollton and Claiborne Aves, looking blind behind all the protective plywood covering the windows.  The top picture shows the car on the flatbed truck, from which it was lifted up and placed on the rails.  It was then towed by sister car 907 to Carrollton Station, where it would be refurbished for Riverfront service.  The second picture shows the band which led the parade down S. Carrollton Ave.  (However, due to the extremes of heat and humidity that day, the parade lasted only a few blocks.)  The third picture shows the train arriving at Jeanette Street and turning toward Carrollton Station, one block up.  Note the worker watching closely to be certain that the car takes the curve all right.  The bottom picture shows the train on Jeanette Street at the station. Photos by Earl Hampton





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