Pictures 69.2, 69.4, 69.6, and 69.8.

Eventually, a building marked “Riverfront Streetcar Barn” was set up at the foot of Napoleon Ave. at the corner of Tchoupitoulas, on the old Napoleon Yard propery, near the ancient carbarn there.  Light maintenance was performed in this facility, but it was never used as a day-to-day car storage facility, presumably because the cars could not get to it under their own power.  (For heavier shop work, the cars had to be trucked to Carrollton Station Shops.)  A trolley wire was erected over the tracks, but as far as is known, it was never energized.  Cars to be serviced there were towed back and forth by the little trackmobile seen in Picture 69.  These pictures were taken in June 2008.  By this time, the trolley wires had been removed, and the tracks had been disconnected from the Public Belt Railroad, as can be seen in the bottom picture. — Photos by Earl Hampton

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