Pictures 97 and 97.5.

Once the Canal line and its carbarn (called the Service, Inspection, and Storage, or SIS, Facility) were opened, the Riverfront cars took up residence there.  In the upper photo, we see the front of the barn on March 18, 2005, with a Canal car at the left outside of the building, and then (left to right) four more tracks with Canal cars (the left of these is in shadow), and finally at the right, near the center of the picture, a Riverfront car.  In the mild climate of New Orleans, the doors are usually open, but we see at the right that they can be closed.  The lower photo, taken in April 2004 a few days after the reopening of the Canal line, shows Riverfront car 458 and an unidentified Canal car basking in the sun at the side of the barn. Upper photo by the author, lower by Charles Sullivan



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