Pictures 101 and 102.

The control console of a Von Dullen Canal car.  The equipment for cars 2002-2024 was provided by the Brookville Equipment Co., while that for the Riverfront cars and Canal prototype car 2001 was from the Czech Republic.  Compare this console to that of car 460 in Picture 92.  Among the differences, the new Canal cars have a cover (note the handle) that can be pulled down over the controls to prevent unauthorized use, such as when the car is being operated from the other end.  Note also that there are defrosting vents on the front windows; foggy windows during New Orleans' frequent rain showers are a long standing annoyance to operators on the older streetcars.  In the bottom picture, we look over the operator's shoulder as she proceeds down the Riverfront tracks toward the French Market terminal.  These pictures were taken March 18, 2005. Photos by the author

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