Pictures 103 through 106.

The terminal of the Riverfront and Canal lines at Esplanade Ave. was renamed French Market and rebuilt with three stub tracks, as seen here on March 18, 2005.  Signs were posted designating Track A, closest to the freight tracks and the river, at our left, for Canal cars running to the Cemeteries terminal; Track B, in the center, for Riverfront cars; and Track C, at our right and farthest from the river, for Canal cars running to City Park and Museum at Beauregard Circle.  However, operations did not always live up to the signs, as these pictures show.  In the top picture, Canal-City Park car 2008 has arrived on Track C, and the operator has both trolley poles up momentarily as she changes ends.  In the second picture, we see the layout of the terminal, with large lettered signs showing passengers where they should stand to board cars for the three different destinationsif operations were going to follow those signs, which is not being done on this day.  The third picture shows Riverfront car 460 just after pulling in on Track A, rather than on Track B.  In the bottom picture, 460 is pulling out of the terminal on its next upbound run. Photos by the author

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