Pictures 126 through 129.

When Katrina hit, retired cars 450 and 451 were partially dismantled, with plans very vague for their future.  As of early 2008, the condition of the two venerable cars is as seen here, in storage at Carrollton Station.  The upper pair of views shows car 450, ex-924, stripped down to its ribs, and the lower pair shows 451, ex-919, not quite so completely disassembled.  No work on either of them is currently contemplated, at least until the 457-463 and 2001-2024 groups of cars have been rebuilt and placed back into service.  That's 2011 next to 450 in the top view; it has since been repainted.  The third picture shows repainted car 2002 next to 451, with some 900-series cars visible at the left. Top photo by the author, taken May 23, 2007; second and fourth photos by Earl Hampton, taken Feb. 12, 2008; third photo 2008 Peter Ehrlich, taken Aug. 9, 2008, used with permission.

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