Pictures 133, 134, and 135.

As of July 21, 2007, repair and repainting of the Riverfront cars 457-463 were well under way at Carrollton Station Shops.  The first picture shows one of each type of car in NORTA's fleet: Perley Thomas 921 at the left, Von Dullen Canal car 2007 in the center, and Riverfront car 457 at the right.  Car 457 has been repainted, but has not yet had lettering, numerals, and stripes added.  The middle picture shows the front end of Riverfront car 460 (and Perley Thomas car 923).  Car 460 shows off the rearranged markings to be applied to all seven of the Riverfront cars, the same arrangement of long standing use on all the other streetcars in New Orleans.  The third picture shows blue car 461 with its blue paint sanded down in preparation for a new coat of red. Photos by Earl Hampton

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