Pictures 137, 138, and 139.

On February 19, 2010, RTA workers were busy on the Riverfront trackage, replacing wooden ties.  The top picture shows the work at the Poydras Street stop.  The work was limited to one track at a time, with work in progress on the upbound track.  There was also construction on Canal Street, blocking the connection between Canal Street and the Riverfront tracks.  Two cars, 2004 and 2018, were at work on Riverfront, isolated from the rest of the system until the Canal Street construction would be finished.  Each car was isolated to its own track: 2004 on the normally downbound track, and 2018 on the normally upbound track, each car operating in both directions on its own track.  Car 2018 was limited to the Canal Street to French Market portion of the line, while 2004 ran the complete length of the line, since its track was not blocked.  The departure times for the two cars were coordinated so that they complemented each other, even though only 2004 was able to serve the portion of the line up from Canal Street.  The second picture shows 2018 downbound, heading the “wrong way” on its track, and the third picture shows 2018 at its terminal at the French Market while 2004 departs upbound running “wrong way” on its track. — Photos by the author

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