Pictures 140, 141, and 142.

Car 461 has now been painted in three different liveries.  The top picture shows it in the original Riverfront livery, with the name of the line in large letters across the front of the car, and the car number painted on a plastic panel above the front window.  We see the car as it deadheads along St. Charles Ave. from Carrollton Station to its assigned Riverfront run, with a Not In Service sign hanging from the center front window.  The middle picture displays the experimental blue and yellow livery the car wore briefly in 2006, with the car number on the front of the car above the headlight; the panel above the front window was left blank.  (Presumably, if the blue livery had been adopted, the route name would have been added above the front window.)  The bottom photo, taken May 8, 2010, illustrates the latest livery, similar to that on the 2000-series cars, with red paint to justify its name as one of the Ladies In Red.  The car number is on the front above the headlight.  The route sign and RTA logo are painted on plastic panels above the center and right-hand front windows. Photos by Earl Hampton

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