Picture 2-0.

We are watching the watchers, looking east across the New Basin Canal.  The New Orleans Rowing Club is racing on the canal, while spectators watch from the open windows of two chartered streetcars, 877 at left and 804 at right, heading toward the lake.  The second picture is a detail view of the streetcars.  The picture is not dated, but the automobiles in view date from the 1930s, and two of them are 1939 models.  The streetcar roofs are painted differently.  The 804 has a scheme tried out briefly in the late 1930s, consisting of a light base color, with a black stripe down the middle.  Apparently the stripe was to hide the inevitable stains from sparks from the trolley wire and pole.  The 877 has a plain roof painted in a darker color, which had been used earlier and would be used again. Courtesy of Robert Jahncke, whose grandfather Herbert Jahncke was an active member of the New Orleans Rowing Club



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