Pictures 9-46 and 9-47.

These two S. Claiborne cars are upbound on Howard Ave., on their way to S. Rampart and then to Clio Street.  Lee Circle is visible at the right edge of both pictures, although in the upper photo, the statue of the general is out of sight.  At the top, car 956 has just turned in from St. Charles Street.  The date is January 7, 1951.  In the lower picture, car 971 has just crossed Baronne Street, about 1950.  Baronne Street itself is out of sight to the left.  The other street coming in at an angle at the left is St. Joseph Street.  Freret trolley coach 1273 can be glimpsed behind car 971.  Like the streetcar, it has also come up St. Charles Street, on its way to Dryades Street on its upbound run.  Note the white-painted wooden Car Stop sign, and what appears to be a gravel passenger loading platform at the car stop.  The car is not stopping, however, as the motorman's hands show that car 971 is accelerating. Collections of William Nixon (upper) and of the author (lower)



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