Picture 21A-5.5.

This is a printing block used by New Orleans Railway & Light Co., probably to print the cover of a small booklet of tickets.  The first view is of the actual printing plate; the second is the same, but reversed so that it can conveniently be read.  The little circles are the heads of the nails fastening the brass plate to a wooden block.  The cutout areas will appear blank when the block is printed.  The printed image would be about 2¾ x 1¾ inches (72 x 45 mm).  The area above the words “Light Co.” would have a serial number imprinted by a numbering machine; the number would be repeated on each ticket in the booklet.  The horizontal line in the middle is for entry of the ticket holder's name; no one else is supposed to use the tickets in the booklet.  Note the dings around the edge of the block, collected during its use in printing.

Ticket_Printing_Block-01-a.jpg   Ticket_Printing_Block-01-b.jpg

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