Picture 21C-5.

This Dauphine Line transfer is punched for August 21 with a time limit of 6:20 p.m.  The name of the line to transfer to is obscured by the punch, but appears to be S. Claib. (Claiborne).  The penciled date is 1912.  This is a problem, as Hennick & Charlton's book states that the S. Claiborne line started on February 22, 1915.  Also, the Laurel Line is listed and the Annunciation Line is not.  Hennick & Charlton date the beginning of the Laurel Line to August 12, 1913, and the end of the Annunciation Line to December 23, 1917.  So a date of 1918-1920 is suggested for this transfer.  Dauphine was an important line, which eventually evolved into the St. Claude Line.

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