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When the underpass on S. Carrollton Avenue was built, forcing the separation of the St. Charles and Tulane lines, the temporary outer end of the St. Charles line was at S. Carrollton and Dixon, just riverward of the new underpass, and the temporary Tulane diesel bus line (used while trolley coach overhead was erected for the Tulane line) was at S. Carrollton and Tulane, just the other side of the new underpass.  These transfers were used to connect the outer ends of the two lines for through passengers, who must have had to walk the distance between the ends of the lines.  Later, when the underpass was completed, and the outer terminus of both lines was moved permanently to S. Carrollton at S. Claiborne Avenue, ordinary multi-coupon transfers were used to connect between the two lines.  These transfers are not dated, but bear a letter code, which was changed daily so that an out-of-date transfer would be noticed and rejected by a conductor or bus operator.

Transfer-StCharles_to_Tulane-01-ob.jpg   Transfer-StCharles_to_Tulane-01-rv.jpg

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