Pictures 21C-36, 21C-37, and 21C-38.

New Orleans Regional Transportation Authority (NORTA) issued transfers such as these.  The first comes from the restored Canal-Cemeteries streetcar line on its inaugural day, April 18, 2004; both front and back are shown.  Note that the year again appears on the transfer, but the time is specified only to the nearest half-hour.  The second transfer, also from Canal-Cemeteries, is from April 18, 2005, the one-year anniversary of the line.  The third was issued on the St. Charles streetcar line on Nov. 7, 2004.  The list of lines on which each coupon will be honored is now simply a list of route numbers, without route names.  Canal-Cemeteries is route 42, and St. Charles is route 12. Collection of Earl Hampton

Transfer-RTA-Canal-Cem-02-ob.jpg   Transfer-RTA-Canal-Cem-02-rv.jpg

Transfer-RTA-Canal-Cem-01-ob.jpg   Transfer-RTA-StCharles-01-ob.jpg

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