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NOTES: cont'd.
D Chosen for “Cars To Be Retired” in Part II, RB and REN.
E Logical in sequence REN from old to new numbers may not have happened at all times.  While NORy&LtCo records are specific as to new number sequences applied to orders and groups within orders, a number-by-number REN from lowest to highest number may not have been possible, as Service Records indicate REN was often hap-hazard, REN done almost as a car-by-car basis when repainting or wreck damage repaired.  For instance, Palace Car no. 719 should logically have been no. 041 before REN.  The REN program initiated by NORy&LCo in early 1918 took at least two years to renumber the Palace cars — see p. s and p. t in Service Record section.  For instance, there were seven Palace cars recorded in the Times-Picayune with their original numbers in 1920, the latest being no. 061 on 12 July, Magazine Line.
F In 1915, NORy&LtCo leased one ST (later two) cars to the Orleans-Kenner Elec. Ry. Co. to commence service from downtown N. O. to Suburban Acres, before the O-K Line was completed thru Kenner to the St. Charles Parish line.  One of the cars POSS a REN J&S car RG to 4' 8½" for standard gauge, one of the 240-259 series.  The other car POSS an FB&D std. gau. from the NO&C Division.  As many as two FB&D may have been involved, for these cars were used on the std. gau. So. Claiborne Shuttle Line and housed at Carrollton Station.  SEE S V. 1 pp. 112-14.
G Presumably burned by accident.
H The 22' Brills should be shown seating 32.  Most, if not all, of the 1893-94 Brills were converted LGT to TV seating.  N. O. car riders did not like LGT seating arrangement.  The earlier elec. cars almost always offered this arrangement, a handed down tradition from horse/mule car days.
I 1913 RB, see p. dd.
J 288 poses a bit of a mystery.  One sees the car listed as REN 1913 and later the same number appears as a new experimental car STAR, a project of NORy&LtCo-NOPSI 1922-23, which had considerable publicity (see p. dd).
K Chosen from “Cars To Be Retired” group with 2 GE 800 motors, listed in Part II then RB and REN.  No P exists.
L This car still exists, the last of New Orleans' Semi-Convertibles, and is currently stored inside Carrollton Station.  Details, pp. t & u.
M No evidence a car 508 ever existed in N. O. or in the B&S orders, see p. r.
N “Morris Cars” details, story of name, p. cc.
O Originally motored, de-motored for trailer use.
P “Coleman” or sometimes “Dudley Coleman” cars, details, story of name, p. cc.
Q “Spliced” trailers, details and RB also p. cc.
R Details of Frank Rojo and the RB work he did, the “Rojo Cars” p. cc.
S “Hagenbeck” name still mystery as to origin, significance.  N. O. Blt trucks for Trailers details p. cc — DT w/ wooden upper chord and PM, design goes back to late 1880s, all done in N. O. at Canal Station (N.O.C.&L.RR, NOTCoLtd, NOCRRCo (2nd Corp.) and NORysCo.).
T-1 Palace Car RB, RT, REN see pp. s & t with many details under scale drawing S p. 143.
T-2 The following rec'd 76-E2 trucks but remained two-motor cars.  For details see Note T-1.  1918 REN S p. 143.
U-1 012 was the first Palace Car to be RB w/ extended platform, folding steps and air-operated folding doors (Fourth RB of Palace Cars); see p. s.
U-2 065 (new no. 642) was the proverbial “Jonah” car, having many scrapes, including three recorded accidents in one month, August of 1906.
V 075 never REN — destroyed by ICRR loco in grade crossing accident on Washington Ave., date unk, no news item encountered!  This location was bad news for streetcars on the “Royal Blue” (Napoleon) Line.  Jackson & Sharp car 259 was destroyed there 24 Sep. 1903 — yet reappeared on the Villere Line six years later (25 Aug. 09).  Accounts of cars totally smashed weren't always accurate, but 075 disappeared after 1912.
W The famous “Flying Dutchman” car, see p. t.
X Seriously damaged during 1929 strike, never restored to service, POSS salvaged or scr late 1929.

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