Pictures 14A-18 through 14A-21.
Cars no. 45-47 were the first PAYE cars designed as such to run in Champaign-Urbana.  They were built by the Danville Car Co. on order #521 in 1909, and the first two were delivered November 8.  They immediately went into service on the Oregon Street line, whose route sign is displayed in the second picture here; it had been inaugurated earlier the same year.  The top picture is the builder's photo of car no.46.  The markings near the back door of car 47 in the third and fourth pictures read: “PAY AS YOU ENTER/HAVE EXACT FARE READY/47/U. & C. RY”.  The Champaign News described these cars as “battleship” cars because of their steel-sheathed sides.  These cars held several other “firsts” as well: they were the first Champaign-Urbana cars to be equipped with lever-operated front doors, and probably also the first to have HB Lifeguard fenders.  These fenders were adopted in 1910 as standard equipment on all ITS city cars.  Note the lighter paint scheme in the first and third pictures, compared to the second and fourth. — Danville Car Co. (top), Illinois Power Co. Archives (upper middle), Don T. Thrall photo, William C. Janssen collection (lower middle), William C. Janssen collection (bottom)

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