Pictures 14A-22 and 14A-23.
Cars no. 50 and 51 are believed to have been built by Stephenson in 1902, and delivered to Champaign-Urbana in 1903.  These ten-bench open cars had a center aisle, taking up one seat per bench.  So the cars seated 40 rather than 50, but gave the conductor much greater safety than the older open cars, which required him to ride the running boards.  The upper view, showing no. 50, was taken in 1910.  The car is signed for the Church & John branches of the main line.  The lower picture, showing car 51, was taken in 1912 on W. Church Street in Champaign.  The car is signed for the New and John Street branches of the main line.  The original picture caption identifies the motorman as Ed Hall and the conductor as Elmer Baker, but based on other photographs of these men, this is believed to be reversed.  Note the unusual roof-mounted bell. Illinois Power Co. Archives (Picture 14A-22), Champaign County Historical Society, from Urbana Courier archives (#234 upper) (Picture 14A-23)

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