Picture 15-22.
This view is looking west across Neil and Randolph Streets, probably from the top of one of the smokestacks at the power house.  In the right foreground is the roof of the Hickory Street car barn.  Just beyond that is the Neil Street car barn, fronting on that street, with a line of streetcars next to it.  In the right front, we see the track in Tremont Street.  To the left are the tracks of the east-west railroads: from left to right, the Wabash, the Big Four, and an Illinois Central branch line, plus the Wabash and Big Four Champaign depot buildings.  The Wabash depot would eventually become shared with the interurban line.  (The vertical black line is from a crack in the original glass plate negative.) Champaign County Historical Society, from Urbana Courier archives

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