Pictures 124 and 125.

These two pictures show Perley Thomas car 905 downbound on May 24, 2007 in its traditional green livery, pulling into the Canal stop on Riverfront.  The upper picture looks upriver toward the approaching car, and the lower photo looks downriver, showing the car stopped to load passengers.  Since they were reconfigured for one-man service several decades ago, the Perley Thomas cars no longer have operator control over the left front door.  This is a problem on both Riverfront and Canal, where some stops must be serviced from the left.  Operators compensate either by stopping where passengers can cross the track in front of the car to board on the right, or by using the left rear door (which of course would be the right front door if the car were going in the other direction).  Car 905 here is about to use the left rear door.  The car does not display a valid route sign, because no one ever expected these cars to serve Riverfront, and so that name is not found on the roll sign. Photos by the author

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