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Principal references:
Stephen A. White, Dictionnaire Généalogique des Familles Acadiennes, Centre d'Études Acadiennes, Université de Moncton, 1999 (DGFA).
Donald J. Hébert, SouthWest Louisiana Records, Hébert Publications (SWLR).
Donald J. Hébert, Acadian Families in Exile - 1785, Hébert Publications (AFIE).

1a. Martin AUCOIN, a joiner or carpeter; m. (1) Barbe MINGUET.

     1.   Michelle AUCOIN b. c. 1621, d. 12/17/1706; m. c. 1641 Michel BOUDROT

     2.   Jeanne AUCOIN b. 11/26/1630, bur. 4/18/1818; m. c. 1647 François GIROUARD dit LA VARANNE.

1b. Martin AUCOIN; m. (2) Marie Sallé (dau. of Denys Sallé and Françoise ARNAUD), her 1st m., b. c. 1610 in France, d. after 1686; her 2nd m. probably after 1651 to Jehan or Jean CLAUDE, a Micmac Indian.  (Some researchers have mistakenly identified Jehan CLAUDE as “Jean Claude LANDRY,” assuming that his surname was omitted from the census.  This theory is now discredited.  See opening remarks in the Landry genealogy.)

     1.   Jean AUCOIN b. 11/15/1632.

2.   Martin AUCOIN b. c. 1651, d. 5/14/1711; m. c. 1673 Marie GAUDET (dau. of Denis GAUDET and Martine GAUTHIER), b. c. 1657.  (In the original printing of DGFA, Stephen White suggested that this Martin AUCOIN, #2, was probably the son of Martin AUCOIN #1 and Marie Sallé.  However, in 2003, he published on the DGFA web site a correction which stated that this relationship is erroneous.  See corrections for pp. 40-41.)

     1.   Martin AUCOIN b. c. 1674; m. c. 1698 Catherine THÉRIOT (dau. of Germain THÉRIOT and Andrée BRUN), b. c. 1673.

     .    1.   Marie Claire AUCOIN m. 11/12/1725 Étienne BOUDROT (son of Claude BOUDROT and Catherine MEUNIER), d. between 9/1755 and 9/1756.

     .    2.   Martin AUCOIN d. between 1752 and 1755; m. c. 1723 Élisabeth (Isabelle) BOUDROT (dau. of Claude BOUDROT and Anne-Marie THIBODEAU), widow of Jacques LeBLANC.

     .    3.   Marguerite AUCOIN b. c. 1704, bur. 4/6/1762; m. 10/10/1729 Pierre COMEAU (son of Jean COMEAU le jeune and Catherine BABIN), d. 1/28/1766.

     .    4.   Anne AUCOIN b. c. 1706, d. at sea on the way to France 1758-1759; m. c. 1730 Pierre HENRY (son of Martin HENRY and Marie HÉBERT), b. probably after 1707, d. at St. Malo 2/18/1759.
? children.

     .    .    1.   Anastasie HENRY b. c. 1740; m. 6/30/1761 at St. Malo, France Joseph DUGAS (DUGAT) (son of Joseph dit Petit Jos DUGAS (DUGAT) and Anne Marie HÉBERT, Dugas #1.2a.4.1), his 1st m., b. 1742 in Cobeguit, Acadia, d. 3/24/1833 in Thibodeaux, LA; his 2nd m. 5/1/1770 at St. Malo, France to Anastasie BARRILEAUX (6 children).  He migrated from France to Louisiana aboard Le Saint Rémi in 1785 with his 2nd wife and 9 children, including all 4 listed below.  Children of Joseph DUGAS and Anastasie HENRY:

     .    .    .    1.   Joseph DUGAS b. 5/14/1762 at St. Malo, France, d. before 7/28/1789; m. 10/9/1785 Isabelle (Élisabeth) LANDRY (dau. of Jean Baptiste LANDRY and Isabelle (Élisabeth) DUGAS), her 1st m., b. 5/11/1760, d. before 5/7/1823; see Landry #

     .    .    .    2.   Marie DUGAS b. 5/21/1764 at St. Malo.

     .    .    .    3.   Cécile Anne DUGAS b. 9/7/1765 at St. Malo.

     .    .    .    4.   Élisabeth Eulalie DUGAS b. 3/12/1768 at St. Malo.

     .    5.   Angélique AUCOIN b. 1/9/1708, bt. 2/18/1708, d. before 1758; m. 11/15/1745 Pierre DUON (son of Jean Baptiste DUON dit LYONNAIS and Agnès HÉBERT), his 1st m., b. 3/28/1720, bt. 3/30/1720; his 2nd m. c. 1757 at Bristol, England to Marguerite AUCOIN (dau. of Joseph AUCOIN #2.16.1 and Anne TRAHAN).

     .    6.   Cécile AUCOIN b. 8/31/1709, bt. 10/6/1709, d. at Bristol, England; m. 10/22/1732 Jean Baptiste MELANSON (son of Abroise MELANSON and Françoise BOURG), b. 10/5/1710, bt. 10/22/1710, d. 4/11/1782.

     .    7.   Paul AUCOIN b. 4/15/1712, bt. 5/8/1712; m. Marie Josèph (Blanche) LeBLANC (dau. of Jacques LeBLANC and Élisabeth BOUDROT).

     .    8.   Pierre AUCOIN d between 1756 and 1762; m. c. 1736 Madeleine LEPRINCE (dau. of Antoine LEPRINCE and Anne TRAHAN), her 1st m., d. before 3/24/1776; her 2nd m. at Philadelphia 5/26/1762 to Pierre LANDRY (son of Antoine LANDRY and Marie Blanche LeBLANC), Landry #

     2.   Marie AUCOIN b. c. 1676.

     3.   Michel AUCOIN b. c. 1677; m. c. 1699 Jeanne BOURG (dau. of Martin BOURG and Marie POTET), b. c. 1684.
7 children.

     4.   Isabelle (Élisabeth) AUCOIN b. c. 1679; m. c. 1698 Jérôme (Giraud) GUÉRIN (son of François GUÉRIN and Anne BLANCHARD), b. c. 1665.
13 children.

     5.   Louise AUCOIN b. 6/18/1881; m. c. 1708 François GAUTROT (son of François GAUTROT and Marie Sébastienne BRUN), b. c. 1678, d. 2/3/1759.
9 children.

     6.   Agnès AUCOIN b. 10/20/1682, d. 10/1756 at Falmouth, England; m. c. 1703 Claude THÉRIOT (son of Claude THÉRIOT and Marie GAUTROT), b. c. 1678, d. 10/1752.
11 children.

     7.   Alexis AUCOIN (twin to Augustin) b. 3/14/1684, bur. 12/25/1759; m. c. 1707 Anne Marie BOURG (dau. of Martin BOURG and Marie POTET), b. c. 1691, bur. 1/14/1766.
13 chldren.

     8.   Augustin AUCOIN (twin to Alexis) b. 3/14/1684, d. at birth.

     9.   Cécile AUCOIN b. 1/12/1686, bt. 5/13/1686.

   10.   Anne Marie AUCOIN b. c. 1687, d. 10/16/1757; m. 11/25/1706 Pierre THIBODEAU le jeune (son of Pierre THIBODEAU and Jeanne THÉRIOT), b. c. 1678, d. before 10/14/1734.
11 children.

   11.   Pierre AUCOIN b. c. 1689, d. 1/27/1758 in Québec; m. (1) c. 1716 Marie BREAU (dau. of Pierre BREAU and Marie Josèph BOURGEOIS), d. between 8/1717 and 7/1718; m. (2) 8/1718 Catherine COMEAU (dau. of Jean COMEAU le jeune and Catherine BABIN).
? children.

   12.   René AUCOIN b. c. 1690, d. after 1755; m. Madeleine BOURG (dau. of Martin BOURG and Marie POTET), b. c. 1694, d. after 7/28/1754.
9 children.

   13.   Catherine AUCOIN b. c. 1692.

   14.   Antoine AUCOIN b. c. 1694, d. 6/5/1759; m. 11/20/1713 Anne BREAU (dau. of Pierre BREAU and Marie Josèph BOURGEOIS), b. c. 1695, d. 6/30/1759.
4 children.

   15.   Françoise AUCOIN b. c. 1696, d. at sea on the way to France 1758; m. c. 1719 Jean Baptiste BOURG (son of Jean BOURG and Marguerite MARTIN), his 2nd m., b. c. 1684, d. 2/22/1757; his 1st m. c. 1706 to Marie Catherine BARRIEAU (dau. of Nicolas BARRIEAU and Martine HÉBERT), b. c. 1687, d. c. 1718.
6 children of Jean Baptiste and Marie Catherine, 6 children of Jean Baptiste and Françoise.

   16.   Joseph AUCOIN b. c. 1698, d. 5/25/1769; m. Anne TRAHAN (dau. of Jean Charles TRAHAN and Marie BOUDROT), d. before 5/17/1763.
? children.

     .    1.   Marguerite AUCOIN m. Pierre DUON (son of Jean Baptiste DUON dit LYONNAIS and Agnès HÉBERT), his 2nd m. (see #2.1.5).

   17.   Jean AUCOIN m. c. 1722 Marguerite PITRE (dau. of Claude PITRE and Marie COMEAU), b. c. 1700.
? children.

   18.   Charles AUCOIN d. before 5/21/1863; m. 1/28/1726 Anne Marie DUPUIS (dau. of Martin DUPUIS and Marie LANDRY), Landry #, b. c. 1705, d. 7/15/1781,
At least 13 children.

   19.   Girl AUCOIN b. before 1707.

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