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JB.jpg JB-2.jpg 1.  Joseph (Yossef) Bernard FRIEDMAN (FRIEDMANN), b. 1/21/1841 in or near Riga, Courland (Kurland, part of present day Latvia, then part of Russia; also reported variously as Poland and Germany), son of H. FRIEDMANN and Mary FRIEDMANN; migrated to New York; enumerated in 1855 NY state census; fought for the North in the Civil War; mustered out somewhere in the south; was living in Holly Springs, Marshall County, in northern Mississippi at the 1870 census; settled in Boutte, LA in 1871 and kept a retail store; served in St. Charles Parish at various times as president of the police jury (the governing body of the parish), justice of the peace, coroner, and postmaster; murdered in Boutte 6/11/1888; bur. in Gates of Prayer Canal St. cemetery in New Orleans; m. (1) 3/13/1870 in St. Louis, MO Tillie (Toveh) PEISER (PYSER), b. 7/25/1853 in New York, d. 10/25/1878, possibly in childbirth (there seems to be an infant sharing her grave in Gates of Prayer Canal St. cemetery in New Orleans; see the tombstone inscription); daughter of Eliezer PEISER.  They settled at first in Holly Springs, but moved to Boutte by 1871.  He m. (2) 10/17/1880 in New Orleans, LA Bertha REICHENBERG (ROTHENBERG, REICHBERG, ROSCHENBERG), b. 7/7/1860 in Frankfort am Main, Germany, d. 5/1/1908 in Boutte, LA, bur. in Gates of Prayer Canal St. cemetery in New Orleans (see Reichenberg 1.9).
In the succession papers for the estate of J. B. Friedman in the court of St. Charles Parish, LA: His widow Bertha was appointed administratrix of his estate.  She was also declared "natural tutrix" to their four children, with her brother Joseph Reichenberg as "under tutor".  Family friend Joseph Kantz was appointed "dative tutor" to the four children of J. B. and Tillie, with Nathan Friedlander at first as "under tutor".  Later, after Nathan had married Miriam, Elias Youngs was appointed "under tutor" to Esther, William, and Eva.

1a. Children of J. B. and Tillie:

     0.   Infant FRIEDMAN, b. c. 4/20/1871, d. 4/30/1871 age 10 days in St. Charles Parish, LA.

Miriam.jpg Nathan.jpg      1.   Miriam FRIEDMAN, b. 7/13/1872 in New Orleans, LA, d. 8/29/1893 age 21 in New Orleans, bur. in Gates of Prayer Canal St. cemetery in New Orleans; m. 9/19/1888 in New Orleans Nathan FRIEDLANDER, b. 1/5/1856 in New Orleans, d. 8/29/1893 in New Orleans, bur. in Hebrew Rest Cemetery in New Orleans, son of Samuel J. FRIEDLANDER, b. c. 1812 in Wurtemburg, Germany, d. 3/25/1886 age 74, and Lena LEVY, b. c. 1819 in Oberndorf, Germany, d. 9/28/1881 age 62.  On 8/29/1893, Nathan shot his son (who recovered), shot and killed his wife, and shot and killed himself.

     .    1.   Samuel Joseph FRIEDLANDER, b. 6/1/1890 in Texas, d. 10/9/1922 in Covington, LA; m. 6/16/1918, her 1st m., Edna Mae de la HOUSSAYE, b. c. 1890 in LA.  In the 1900 census, he was living with the Cottons, his aunt and uncle.  Edna Mae m. (2) Sidney Milton BURNS; see Smith 1.4.7.

     2.   Ettie (Etta, Esther) FRIEDMAN, b. 7/13/1875 in New Orleans, d. 8/1968 in New Orleans; m. 3/19/1894 in New Orleans John Edward COTTON, b. c. 1870, d. 10/30/1935 age 65, s/o John Edward COTTON and Josephine(?) Ger___; no children; lived in Covington, LA.

     3.   William L. "Willie" FRIEDMAN, b. 1/22/1876 in New Orleans or Boutte, d. 10/11/1940 in Houston, TX; m. (1) 9/5/1899 in St. Bernard Parish, LA Lucille BARTHE, b. 9/1879 in LA, d. 1/13/1904 in New Orleans (both of her parents were b. in France); m. (2) c. 1906 Amelia C. KLING, b. 10/16/1877 in Thibodaux, LA, d. 12/4/1967 in Houston, TX.

     4.   Eva FRIEDMAN, b. 11/7/1877 in New Orleans, d. 3/19/1956 in Los Angeles, CA; m. 12/30/1896 in St. Tammany Parish Peter J. "Pete" DARDIS, Sr., d. 12/17/1919.

BERTHA.jpg 1890-09-29-Bertha_Reichenberg_Friedman.jpg 1b. Children of J. B. and Bertha:

ROSIE.jpg Rosa_Friedman-2.jpg Rosa_Friedman-1.jpg      1.   Rosa "Rosie" FRIEDMAN, b. 8/7/1881, d. 8/20/1945 in New Orleans; m. (1) 1/25/1899 in New Orleans Winfield Harold Scott TINNEY, b. 2/8/1868, d. 5/24/1909, before birth of son Bill (s/o Edward Benton TINNEY, b. 2/12/1813 in Springfield, KY, d. 4/20/1903 in Paradis, St. Charles Parish, LA, m. 12/23/1860 Laura Marie BEELMAN (BULMAN), b. 4/15/1838 in NY, d. 9/12/1887 in St. Charles Parish, LA).  She m. (2) 6/6/1914 in New Orleans Charles Ernest "Alex" ALEXANDER, b. 2/14/1978 in Reserve, LA, d. 1/31/1958, his 2nd m.; no children.  C. E. Alexander had 4 sons by his first wife, Anna PITRE.
Winfield Tinney was postmaster of Boutte from 7/17/1906 to his death.  Rosie succeeded him, serving as Boutte postmaster from 6/20/1909.  She was reappointed under her new name 7/2/1914 after her m. to Alexander, and served until c. 4/1923.

     2.   Leah FRIEDMAN, b. 11/1883, d. 1/13/1945; m. between 1910 and 1914 Alcibiade(s) "Jeff" deBLANC, b. 1883, d. 4/13/1951.

Eleda_Landry_Friedman.jpg MOMDAD1.jpg Harry_Friedman_age35.jpg      3.   Harry FRIEDMAN "Dad", b. 1/7/1885 in Boutte, LA, d. 10/26/1952 in Houston, TX; m. 10/27/1906 Mary Eleda LANDRY "Mom" (see Landry 1b.1.3a.4.4.6b.4b.5.2.1).

Tillie_Friedman_McCulloch.jpg      4.   Tillie FRIEDMAN, b. 9/26/1887 in Boutte, LA, d. 1/17/1971 in Houston, TX; m. (1) 11/14/1906 in New Orleans, LA Thomas Staples Taylor McCULLOCH, b. 6/1/1884 in Cooks Town, Tyrone County, Ireland (Orange) arrived in USA in New York from Londonderry, Ireland 6/12/1904 aboard ship Anchoria, d. 12/6/1916 in Covington, LA, son of Hugh McCULLOCH, b. 1852, and Harriet Margaret CUTHBERT, b. 1863 (Thomas had about 9 siblings).  Tillie m. (2) 11/15/1945 in Houston, TX, his 2nd m., Edwin "Ed" WEINBERG, b. 2/27/1892 in Chicago, IL, d. 1/29/1956 in Dallas, TX; no children.  Ed m. (1) 9/23/1919 in CO Lenore R. SIGMUND, her 2nd m., b. 10/1881 in MD, d. 11/12/1940 probably in Denver, CO.  Lenore m. (1) 6/21/1905 in Denver Henry Sampson ISAACS, b. 1880 in Pittsburgh, PA, d. 2/19/1912 in Denver.

2.   Marcus FRIEDMAN; m. Liabe LIBERTHAL.

     1.   William Bernard FRIEDMAN, b. 2/4/1866 in Kurland (Courland), migrated to USA in 1885, d. 8/7/1927 in Montgomery, AL; m. 1898 Etta (Ettie, Ethel) LIPSON, b. 3/10/1876 in California, d. 6/9/1958 in Atlanta, GA.

     2.   ______ FRIEDMAN (F); m. ______ JACKSON.

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